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The main areas of our work relate to DNA and Blood Pattern analysis.  



Our reports can be divided into two categories for interpretation of DNA evidence:


Review of Crown evidence  

This typically involves travel to the relevant Scottish Police Authority (SPA) laboratory involved with your case. We will consult with the appropriate scientist and gain access to the information which we require.  This ultimately includes the DNA profiles generated by the laboratory including Y-STR profiles, DNA quantification levels, other laboratory findings such as blood, semen, saliva presumptive test results and all necessary statistical calculations, for example STRmix.  We have many years experience of providing balanced opinions relating to interpretation of Crown generated DNA evidence recovered from sexual assaults, misuse of drugs offences and all types of violent and volume crime.   


We will consider the position of the accused person and take into account important issues such as secondary DNA transfer, DNA persistence etc.  The case is reviewed, and reports authored by both Jacqueline Marshall and Terry Randall, with both Scientists available to attend court (please note that only a single expert witness fee applies).  This type of report can be produced within 24 to 48 hours of attending at the SPA laboratory.



Our DNA Analysis Service (examination of Crown labels and obtaining reference DNA profiles) is managed by Jacqueline Marshall within DNA Scotland’s own laboratory.  Strict procedures are adhered to, ensuring integrity of sample preparation and results, including designated workstations for DNA extraction, amplification by STR PCR and analysis.   DNA profiles can be generated from a vast range of samples and reference DNA profiles can be obtained from individuals anywhere in the UK.  All procedures/findings are checked and verified at each stage by Jacqueline Marshall and Terry Randall.  As above, both scientists are available to give evidence in court.  Our in-house analysis of samples can prove useful in summary cases and guarantees the timely delivery of results prior to a trial commencing.  A DNA analysis report is typically ready in around 10-20 working days following receipt of all samples, however every effort will be made to provide results as soon as possible.



Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA)

Our Reports can be divided into four categories:

Examination of blood at a locus

Examination of blood stained productions

Examination of Crown photographs

Review of Crown Report

All of the above are performed by Terry Randall with reports available typically within 48 hours of his investigation.  Terry will focus his report on the position of the accused person and the outcome of his own examinations.  He has experience of examining thousands of blood patterns ranging from single knife attacks to extremely violent crimes with considerable bloodshed.  DNA and BPA examinations are often combined to give a clearer more accurate picture of the event in question.


Terry is also available to give an opinion on sexual crimes, body fluids, hair/fibre transfer and damage which may also be combined with DNA or BPA.