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About Us


DNA Scotland Ltd Logo (2023)DNA Scotland Ltd Logo (2023)

DNA Scotland Ltd was established in 2011 by director Jacqueline Marshall.  Jacqueline recognised the need for the provision of a quality DNA evidence review and independent DNA Analysis Service which would provide an objective interpretation of DNA findings or simply generate DNA profiles from items which may assist in progressing a Case.




Jacqueline Marshall

Jacqueline MarshallJacqueline Marshall

Jacqueline has many years’ experience of DNA profiling and Forensic evidence interpretation which includes an involvement in complex and high-profile cases such as the first ever case following the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011 (re-trial of Angus Sinclair in 2014 for the ‘World’s End’ murders).


After graduating with honours in Molecular Biology, Jacqueline joined the pioneering HIV Research Team at Leicester University before securing a position at Glasgow University’s prestigious Leukaemia Research Centre where the primary focus was research into childhood Leukaemia and other cancers.   Here, her DNA molecular biology skills were honed.  After eight years as a senior research scientist, in 2003 she became Laboratory Manager of a UKAS ISO 17025 Accredited University of Glasgow spin-out company which provided a wealth of experience using DNA profiling techniques to assist with DNA paternity testing, human remains identification, forensic case work and equine/bovine parentage issues.  In 2005 she gained a diploma in Forensic Medical Science from the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in London and later became a chartered biologist.


Over the course of her career Jacqueline has recovered DNA from a very diverse range of crime scene material and has interpreted thousands of DNA profiles including complex mixtures.  She has prepared hundreds of reports for the Criminal Justice System and has given evidence at many High and Sheriff Court Trials.  Jacqueline is currently working towards becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.


Jacqueline has also worked as a consultant for Kingsway Management Services where she was instrumental in the procurement of forensic laboratory equipment for the African UNFPA offices of Liberia and Somalia.



Terence Randall

Terry RandallTerry Randall

Terry joined DNA Scotland Ltd as a consultant in 2011 after taking early retirement from the Scottish Police Service Authority.  He has a wealth of scientific evidence interpretation and brings over 30 years’ experience to every case we deal with.  Terry is a Member of the Royal Society of Biology and is a chartered biologist.  


Terry joined the Biology Unit of Strathclyde Police Forensic Laboratory in 1978 as a Forensic Technician after spending five years at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Glasgow University. Within a couple of years, he secured a post as a forensic scientist and shortly after that the section head in charge of hair and fibres work. For a further 20 years he was the section head in General Biology until, under the SPSA reorganisation, the title changed to Team Leader. To that end, he had responsibility for some 20 members of staff. 


During the majority of his career, he ran a team of forensic scientists which dealt with the large numbers of serious and violent cases which emanated from Strathclyde and surrounding areas. This included on average approximately 80 murders per year. 


As Team Leader he monitored and maintained the competency of the biologists to practice.  During the tenure of his employment, he maintained a very heavy personal caseload producing court reports which typically contained DNA interpretation on material recovered from all types of violent crime. He is an expert on body fluids and Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) and was instrumental in developing a 5-day practical BPA course for trainee biologists which was run and co-presented by Terry several times during his last years of employment.


As part of the out of hours crime scene team for over 20 years he attended a very large number and variety of crime scenes. In over 30 years of employment, he produced many reports for the Crown and has presented evidence at hundreds of trials at the High and Sheriff Courts.