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Our Reports can be divided into two categories for interpretation of DNA evidence:

Review of Crown DNA evidence: This involves a consultation with the Crown Scientist and also possibly the SOCO involved in the case which usually occurs at one of the four SPSA Forensic Laboratories.  Our interpretation of the DNA profiles and discussion of the levels of recovered DNA will lead to the production of a comprehensive Report based on your instructions and information obtained from your client (with regard to the alleged act).  This type of Report can be produced within 24-48 hours after obtaining all necessary information.  The case is reviewed and reports signed by Terry Randall and Jacqueline Marshall with both scientists available to give evidence at Court on behalf of your client (please note only a single expert fee applies here).

Analysis of productions and obtaining Reference DNA profiles: DNA Scotlandís purpose designed Laboratory is managed by Jacqueline Marshall and includes an ABI 310 Genetic Analyser.  Strict procedures are adhered to ensuring integrity of sample preparation and results, including designated work stations for DNA extraction, DNA amplification and analysis.  DNA profiles can be produced from a vast range of samples and Reference DNA profiles can be obtained from individuals anywhere in the UK.  Laboratory procedures are performed by Jacqueline Marshall, with results also verified by Terry Randall.  As above, both scientists are available to give evidence at Court and again only a single expert fee applies.  In-house analysis of samples eliminates the costs involved with out sourcing work and guarantees timely delivery of your results before Court.  A DNA Analysis Report will typically be ready in 5-10 working days following receipt of all samples; however every effort will be made to give you results sooner if required.


Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA)

Our Reports can be divided into four categories for interpretation of Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA).

Examination of blood at a locus:

Examination of blood stained productions:

Examination of Crown photographs:

Review of Crown Report:

All of the above are performed by Terry Randall with Reports available typically within 48 hours of his investigation.  Terry will focus his Report on the position of your client and the outcome of his own examinations.  He has experience of examining thousands of blood patterns from single knife attacks to extremely violent crimes with considerable blood shed.  DNA and BPA examinations are often combined to give a clearer picture of the event in question.

Terry is also available to give an opinion on sexual crimes, body fluids, hair/fibre transfer and damage which may also be combined with DNA or Blood Pattern Analysis.



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